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169,99 €

** NetSpot Awards: 4.5/5 App Store user rating, MacWorld Editors’ Choice Award 2012, Editors’ Choice by PCMAG, 4+ stars CNET Editors’ Rating, 9/10 stars by AppStorm, and more! **

Collect data about WiFi networks, create WiFi site surveys, map out realistic WiFi coverage, analyze your WiFi with 12+ interactive visualizations, and fix WiFi issues!

Installing a WiFi network isn't always easy. Interference from neighboring wireless networks and radio noise from electronic devices can cause serious connection problems. While you can overcome those by trial and error, there's a much better solution: NetSpot PRO WiFi scanner is here for you!

NetSpot PRO is a WiFi analyzer app allowing you to get all the necessary details about WiFi networks around, measure WiFi signal strength, locate WiFi interference issues, analyze and troubleshoot your wireless coverage. NetSpot PRO WiFi analyzer offers advanced visualizations and powerful reporting features. WiFi heatmap visualizations include:

* Signal-to-noise ratio
* Signal level
* Signal-to-interference ratio
* Quantity of access points
* Noise level
* Frequency Band Coverage
* PHY Mode Coverage
* Wireless Transmit Rate
* Iperf TCP/UDP
* Download Speed
* Upload Speed
* Troubleshooting

NetSpot PRO features:

* Support of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi standards and 2.4GHz + 5GHz channel bands
* Advanced customizable export of your survey projects
* Unlimited number of APs can be visualized simultaneously
* 50 zones per project, 50 snapshots per zone, 500 data points per heatmap
* Super-flexible grouping of APs by SSID, channel, etc., plus custom group creation
* Better AP management with custom aliases
* Easy detection of problem areas in your wireless network and improvement recommendations
* No special knowledge required: simple and fast wireless data analysis

NetSpot PRO is the perfect WiFi analyzing and troubleshooting tool for IT and network administrators, wireless service providers, engineers, hardware vendors, consultants, WiFi deployment agents, SMB, homeowners and IT professionals looking to optimize their WiFi network.

Additional NetSpot PRO features:

* Active wireless site survey with download and upload speeds of the WiFi network you are connected to
* Hidden networks detection and scanning
* Configurable survey autosaving
* Predictive location of access points on heatmaps
* Detailed parameters collected about every network

To make full use of NetSpot PRO, you will need the following:
A Mac laptop or a mobile Mac desktop computer with macOS 10.13 and up on board

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169,99 €

Notas de lançamento

12-02-2019 | Version : 2.10.972 | Size : 10,1 MB
NetSpot WiFi Reporter gets better, or to say properly it is going to be quite different now! NetSpot PRO is replacing it and adding lots of new features and possibilities. So have a look at what you are getting with this advanced WiFi scanner.
* NetSpot Wi-Fi Reporter has been replaced with NetSpot PRO;
* NetSpot PRO requires MacOS 10.10 or newer;
* macOS Mojave 10.14 will require users to enable location services to run NetSpot properly.

New major features:

* Refreshed and sleek user interface;
* Wireless Discovery Mode: easily identify surrounding Wi-Fi networks;
* Troubleshooting Advice: NetSpot now offers advice on how to solve the most common Wi-Fi network issues;
* Global NetSpot-wide Preferences;
* Wi-Fi network planning with a portable router;
* Active Scanning of your current network;
* Multi-Floor Scanning;
* Zone Snapshots;
* Hidden Network Scanning;
* Autosave;
* Detection of additional AP channels;
* Channel width in Discover Mode.

Updates, enhancements, and improvements:

* Full compatibility with macOS 10.14 Mojave;
* Any data point may now be deleted any time during the scan;
* If the location of an AP isn't quite right, it can now be moved with just a click;
* Active Scanning with iperf3 support.
* Automated Troubleshooting Visualizations: Six special troubleshooting visualizations highlight areas of potential problems and provide recommendations;
* Advanced Network Grouping;
* Environment-Based Project Presets;
* More informative map indicators now show your scanning progress;
* Better exports of visualizations into PDF;
* Hovering over any spot on your map will update displayed parameters in real-time;
* Improved predictive automatic detection of AP locations;
* Rename projects, zones, and snapshots;
* Five more localizations (German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese).

05-12-2016 | Version : 2.1.473 | Size : 5,2 MB
* Algumas melhorias de interface e correções para Mac
* O escaneamento ativo agora é compatível com HTTPS
* Correções menores

30-11-2015 | Version : 2.1.472 | Size : 5,1 MB
* General stability improvements in OS X 10.11
* Improved column width in advanced reports tables
* Fixed download/upload speed values in exported reports


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