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Since 1999, HappyCow has helped you find 90,000+ restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores in 180+ countries. Read 425,000+ reviews and see 475,000 photos posted by our awesome community! With HappyCow, you can search for vegan-friendly bakeries, health food stores, catering, farmers markets, juice bars, and coffee shops!

• Filter by Vegan, Vegetarian, Vegan Options, Gluten-Free, cuisine, and more!
• Easily search near you, or nearby an address
• Plan your trip by finding places on our interactive map and saving places for offline viewing
• Search for popular and undiscovered eateries with keywords and cuisine filters
• See hours, directions, photos, and reviews - so easy!

• Favorite restaurants to view later, or add to a travel list
• Content is updated 24/7 by a dedicated team and 2 million+ monthly visitors
• Upload photos & submit reviews at places you love! 100% of HappyCow’s database is from our amazing users!
• Join the largest Veg community with 325,000+ people who are changing the world!
• HappyCow is supported in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Spanish


Please contact us before leaving feedback or rating -- we’d like to help you. Send us a message: ios@happycow.net

HappyCow is a community-run app, and we rely on users like you to keep our content up-to-date.

Can’t find your fave vegan place on HappyCow? List it!

See an issue with an existing listing? Send an update!

Our app is a 1-time fee (NOT monthly subscription), but if you’re unsure about us, check out our free website happycow.com to find amazing restaurants near you!

HappyCow apps use your device location to find restaurants near your current location. We do not store your device location on our servers.
Note for Chinese users: Currently, our Maps feature doesn’t work without a VPN.

HappyCow apps provide you with a way upload restaurant photos from your existing library on your device. We never access your photos until you choose to view them from within the app.

HappyCow app allows you to take photos of your favorite restaurants, which we encourage you to share with our users. The app stores these photos with your other pictures on your device so you may admire them whenever you please, or upload at a later date. We never access your camera or save photos until you perform those actions from within the app.


Vegan powered by HappyCow.com

4,49 €

Notas de lançamento

20-04-2019 | Version : 4.4.3 | Size : 78,8 MB
► Hide Chains
Read and write reviews with our new design!
Tired of seeing all the chains in the mix of Veg-Friendly businesses? You now have a setting in Filters to hide them all.
► Filters Organization
We've moved things around to make search by business name and other highly used filters easier to reach by putting them at the top. We've also hidden less requested filters, like cuisine types.

► Photo Uploads in the Background
When adding photos, you can now continue using the app and photos will continue to upload smoothly. We’ve added a progress bar at the bottom.

► Several UI and UX improvements

► Bug fixes and optimizations

08-02-2019 | Version : 4.3.0 | Size : 77,3 MB
We've been busy improving things, hope you enjoy these changes and they work well for you!

>> More venue type categories added:
1) Food Truck
2) Ice Cream
3) Juice Bar
4) Market Vendor
Find the explanation for these new categories in the “More” Tab

>> Updated style of your profile tab, which now includes:
1) Your Status Level Badges based on member points, and Ambassador Badges
2) Photos you have uploaded
3) Reviews you have written (easier to edit / delete your reviews)

>> Browse a gallery of all your photos

>> View other members profiles (click on their avatar to access – we'll improve soon)

>> Bug fixes and optimizations

*** If you find any issues please help HappyCow and report them via email to: ios@happycow.net

01-12-2017 | Version : 3.9.2 | Size : 37,7 MB
- Support for iPhone X
- Fixed issues with gallery on iOS 11
- Added option to report photos from the gallery
- Optimizations


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