Airlines Manager : Tycoon 2018 4,5/5

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Airlines Manager : Tycoon 2018

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Por Playrion (Playrion SARL)

▶ The ultimate Airline administration and management game
▶ The tycoon reference in aeronautical and aviation games for mobile
▶ Realistic simulation with maximum immersion and entertaining management


● More than 3 million managers
● More than 130 aircraft and 2,600 airports available
● 500 items of research and 200 passenger services to unlock
● Official partnership with IATA (International Air Transport Association)
● Acclaimed by aviation enthusiasts and management game aficionados
● 4 languages currently available: English, French, Spanish, German

◆◆◆Manage your airline as if you were a real Tycoon ("business magnate") to become the leading CEO◆◆◆

2 game modes
1) Real time (Paris-New York in the game takes 7 hours)
2) Time accelerated x7 (Paris-New York in the game takes 1 hour)

Choose your strategy and develop your airline
Low-Cost or Premium?
Economy, business or first class?
It's up to you to decide!

• Acquire airports
• Buy or rent aircraft
• Open new routes
• Schedule flights
• Manage your entire strategy from A to Z (Development, Banks, Finance, Maintenance, Services, R&D, Marketing, Human Resources)
• Admire your empire live thanks to the huge flight map for your aircraft!
• Build your empire and dominate the airline universe thanks to your fleet, airports and routes.
• Set your own prices: route audits, simulation of demand
• Offer a full range of services: better access to airports, attractive prices, on-board comfort
• Control your finances: bank loans, precise accounting, detailed cash account
• Train your staff: agency or in-house, in all airline sectors
• Access the workshop to unlock new bonuses in a few clicks!
• Analyze the day's schedule: what is the most profitable airport? What are the most profitable routes?

Simplified management or complex management (optional) of your airline
• Detailed scheduling of flights
• Prices based on audits and simulations
• Staff training in all airline sectors
• Aircraft maintenance
• Different strategies possible

Airlines Manager Tycoon 2018 is the best airline administration/management/strategy game for mobile.

Whether you like airport/aircraft administration/management games or even flight simulator/control tower simulation games, or whether you are a management/Tycoon game aficionado in general, this game is for you.

Create the airline of your dreams, collect aircraft and extend your network with a large number of airports and routes in order to build your aviation empire.

This is the must-have Tycoon management game if you enjoy strategy and you dream of developing an empire. Do you have what it takes to take up the challenge and dominate the skies? Are you ready to go down in history?

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Your Airlines Manager Tycoon 2018 team
Comment: a network connection is required to play

Notas de lançamento

20-02-2019 | Version : 2.9.30 | Size : 206,3 MB
Dear CEO, here is the new version 2.9.3!

We worked on the optimization and stability of the game.
The connection to the game is now more stable, and we have optimized the list of your planes. Loading are also faster, especially for large companies.
We also fixed many bugs, especially in the cash, in Bob's game, and in the settings.
This version also allows the activation of the AM + (with an improvement in maintenance).

12-02-2019 | Version : 2.9.3 | Size : 206,3 MB
Dear CEOs, the eagerly awaited 2.9.2 version has arrived!
_UI clearer with enlarged buttons (schedule, display planes, display routes)
_Corrections of stuck problems in the tutorial
_The Advent calendar which allows you to pick up a gift daily from 1st to 25th of December
_Added aircraft features available in the Workshop for better readability of offers
_Improved performance and load times
_Correction of problems with advertisements

18-01-2018 | Version : 2.6 | Size : 178,3 MB
Your desk is modernizing and turns into 3D!
Customize your aircraft applying liveries!
Create a unique fleet!
The Workshop gets a new look: more bonuses and more choice!
Improved loading times for big airlines.


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