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Por David Siegel

quicktype infers types from sample JSON data, then outputs strongly typed models and serializers for working with that data in Swift, Objective-C, C++, and more. This extension adds native quicktype support to Xcode 9.

Try quicktype in your browser at

Notas de lançamento

23-01-2018 | Version : 8.2.18 | Size : 4,2 MB
• Greatly improved Objective-C output via Key Value Coding.
• Better usability for BOOL, NSInteger, and double properties.
• Removed NSArray and NSDictionary categories to prevent collisions.

21-01-2018 | Version : 8.2.12 | Size : 4,3 MB
• More intuitive commands for generating Objective-C header (.h) and implementation (.m) code
• Improved Objective-C output
• Removed confusing "Paste JSON as Types" command

21-01-2018 | Version : 8.2.9 | Size : 4,3 MB
• Objective-C support
• quicktype will attempt to guess your top-level type name from file content


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