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Por Ginger Labs (Ginger Labs, Inc.)

O aplicativo para tomar notas mais vendido para iPad e iPhone agora chegou ao Mac!

O Notability é um tomador de notas poderoso para fazer anotações em documentos, esboçar ideias, gravar palestras, tomar notas e muito mais. Ele combina digitação, escrita manual, gravação e fotos, de modo que você possa criar notas que atendam às suas necessidades. Graças à compatibilidade com o iCloud, suas notas estarão sempre disponíveis no iPad, iPhone e Mac. A qualquer hora, em qualquer lugar.

O Notability é otimizado para Mac
– Arraste e solte para coletar informações rapidamente.
– Arraste fotos, gravações de áudio e textos diretamente para uma nota.
– Digite mais rápido com atalhos de teclado totalmente compatíveis.
– Dimensione, estique e gire manuscritos para criar notas bonitas.

Capture notas memoráveis com esses recursos essenciais
– Digite relatórios e listas de tópicos em diversas fontes, tamanhos, cores e estilos.
– O texto se ajusta ao redor de imagens automaticamente.
– Escreva à mão e desenhe em diversas cores, espessuras de linha e estilos.
– Grave áudio durante palestras e reuniões para capturar mais detalhes.
– Importe gravações de áudio de outras origens.

Reproduza suas notas
– As gravações de áudio são vinculadas automaticamente às suas notas.
– Clique nas notas durante a Repetição de Nota para ouvir o que foi dito no momento em que as gravou.
– Forneça comentários em áudio e escritos à mão para alunos e colegas.

Marque documentos e formulários
– Importe e faça anotações em slides de palestras, pautas de reunião e PDFs.
– Preencha, assine e envie formulários por e-mail.
– Use todas as ferramentas para marcar fotos, mapas, esquemas e outros.

O Notability facilita a organização, o backup e o compartilhamento de suas notas
– Organize suas notas facilmente por assunto.
– Faça o backup de suas notas no Dropbox e Google Drive automaticamente.
– Compartilhe suas notas com grupos de estudo e colegas por e-mail, AirDrop, Dropbox e Google Drive.

O iCloud garante que suas notas serão disponibilizadas automaticamente no iPhone, iPad e Mac.

O Notability ajuda você a explorar suas ideias, armazenar suas notas e melhorar sua memória e organização. Esperamos que você goste de usá-lo tanto quanto nós.

Notas de lançamento

01-12-2017 | Version : 2.7.2 | Size : 32,4 MB
*** What's new in 2.7.2 ***
* Fixed a crash when opening the iCloud version history
* Removed the incorrect black background when resolving iCloud conflicts
* Fixed a problem where the color picker would be inactive the first time it was used
* The text box now has focus when creating new subjects and dividers

21-09-2017 | Version : 2.6.2 | Size : 31,1 MB
*** Improvements & fixes in 2.6.2 ***
(√) OneDrive: Added support for business and education accounts
(√) Bug fix: Some notes could take a long time to load
(√) Bug fix: Incorrect text layout in older notes
(√) Bug fix: Changing list style now uses the correct list numbering
(√) Bug fix: Emojis now show up properly in playback mode

*** Bug fixes in 2.6.1 ***
(√) Fixed a crash on startup that affected some users
(√) Fixed a crash when exporting/importing from Google Drive
(√) Other minor bug fixes

*** What's New in 2.6 ***
(√) OneDrive support
--- Like Google Drive and Dropbox, OneDrive is now supported for Auto-backup
(√) Checklists
--- Keep track of your tasks and grocery lists in Notability
--- Click the circle to the left of an item to mark the item as complete
--- Like numbered and bulleted lists, checklists can be any color, can be indented, and will wrap around images
(√) GIF support
--- Add some fun and self expression to your notes with GIFs
(√) Performance improvements for large, heavily-annotated PDFs
(√) Accessibility improvements
(√) Bug fixes
--- Fixed a bug that caused excessive background activity and battery usage after recording audio
--- Fixed a bug that kept the file import/export menus from showing all items in Dropbox folders with more than 2,000 items
--- Pressing "enter" twice while in the middle of a list now separates the list into two lists

If you're enjoying Notability, we'd appreciate it if you took the time to leave us a review, thanks!

03-05-2017 | Version : 2.5.1 | Size : 29,2 MB
*** What's new in 2.5.1 ***
* Notability can now check the spelling of multiple languages in the same note
* Bug fix: Images pasted in a note sometimes were incorrectly sized
* Bug fix: Notability could crash when switching tabs in the Preference panels
* Bug fix: Notability could crash on Yosemite when selecting media with handwriting


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Comments and Ratings for Notability

Promising but still not there. (1)
11-09-2014 18:23:00 2/5 By mebmas
There isn’t much note taking apps that lets you layout your notes as you wish. This is one of those few. It lets you post images, sketches, text boxes where you want them with the main text flowing around them. It’s great to create a sense of hierarchy. It also manages them all, keeping all your notes, images, attached files etc in one place. Positive points: - Simple and easy to use - treat all note elements as separate entities, allowing you to edit, move, rotate or delete them independently (images, text boxes, sketches etc) - lets you highlight text - variable pen styles gives your sketches expressiveness (uniform style also available) - pre-choosen palette of colors and fonts helps to keep you focused on the information hierarchy rather than fine-tuning unnecessary details. - reliable PDF export keeps your layout intact - lets you record audio syncronized with the writting/creation of the note so you can listen what was being said while you were wrtting something specific on the note. - Syncs with corresponding iOS apps Negative points: - Non native chrome window. Feels out of place in the OS X environment. The app icon could be improved (too much cartoon like). - doesn’t recognise web links (neither export them as PDF obviously) - doesn’t allow to save text styles (meaning you have to recreate the text style everytime you want to use the same headline type or subtitle) - doesn’t offer basic leading options - to control space between lines (like 100%, 125% 150%, 200%) - again for information hierarchy and more expressiveness purposes - doesn’t let you choose a background color for text boxes (good to highlight the info contained there) - doesn’t allow you to insert movies like you do with images (it’s the only media missing, and would be usefull to embed a tutorial video about the subject of the note for example) Overall it’s a good start and usefull for simple notes with images and sound (recorded). Just don’t expect going nuts with creative layouts yet, which i consider important to visually give information some hierarchy. I’m giving it only two starts because it doesn’t respect Mac OS GUI, which is a little sad, considering this is one of the most consistent OS’s out there. And i would like to see it remaining that way. Feature-wise i would give this app three stars for this first release. It does what it says without excelling at it yet.

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