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MadPad HD - Remix Your Life

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Por Smule (Smule, Inc.)

Remix your life with MadPad! Turn everyday sights and sounds like your car, an empty soda can, or your friends into the ultimate percussive instrument. Who would have thought everyday life could be so musical?

"It's very cool stuff" - New York Times
"it's really friggin fun" - TechCrunch
"MadPad makes music out of anything"- MacWorld
"It's the sort of fun, music, creative app that just kills on the iPad and iPhone" - Gizmodo
Chosen as Apple's official iPad App of the Week

See it to believe it – watch a 1991 Honda transform into a mad beat boxing soundboard:

It’s easy to create music from anything!

Oh the possibilities! Just aim and shoot to capture sounds all around you - your local café, car, kitchen, kids, cat, friends - MadPad magic will take care of the rest.
•Easily record video clips to create interactive video sets.
•Mix in clips from other sets to add a new element.

Tap to play interactive video sets just like a drum. Have fun creating rhythms, beats and loops from your sets.
•Over 50 FREE sets included: pianos to piccolos, silly sounds to sweet guitars.
•Discover new sets from the MadPad community daily.
•Remix exclusive content from YouTube sensation Mystery Guitar Man.

Let your friends remix your life! Record your best beats for the world to enjoy.
•Share your favorite sets through Twitter, Facebook or email.
•Record your performances like a music video, and then post on YouTube.

Tons of MadPad videos showcased:
•1991 Honda Accord
•House blend remixed
•Teenage Dream a capella
•Home Depot
•Mystery Guitar Man remixing Beat It
•And more!

Now with iOS 5, connecting with other users has never been easier! Use the new single sign-on feature to seamlessly integrate MadPad with your Twitter account.
•Discover inspiring people and content directly from MadPad’s Twitter tab.
•Use #tags to search through thousands of community-created video sets
•Easily download sets from Twitter
•Tap to follow other MadPad enthusiasts on Twitter.

MadPad is designed to be the ultimate iPad app.
•High-res audio-visual experience.
•Integration with iPad video camera.
•Hyper-responsive 10-finger touch.
•Double finger drag to bend the pitch and control the speed.

Like us on to find other MadPadders and see more sets from the MadPad community!

Note: MadPad is best experienced on iPad 2. Without a camera, you will not be able to record your own sets. However, you can still enjoy playing and sharing sets from the MadPad community!

Notas de lançamento

09-01-2015 | Version : 1.1.1 | Size : 19,5 MB
- fixed a bug causing a few users to lose audio
- fixed a bug causing the Twitter page to crash
- minor speed enhancements

Version : 1.1.0 | Size : 19,5 MB
-iOS 5 Ready!!!
-Newly designed home screen with an additional "Discover" section
-Single sign-on seamlessly integrates MadPad with your Twitter account.
-Using #tags in the search bar, search through thousands of community-created video sets
-Download video sets straight from Twitter.
-Follow other MadPad enthusiasts on Twitter, from right inside the app!
-Faster loading time.
-Better organization of saved sets.


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#88 : Top de apps pagas para iPad [Música]

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Comments and Ratings for MadPad HD - Remix Your Life

Great app!! (1.1.0)
03-11-2011 20:14:00 5/5 By AlemTejo100Lei
Muito boa aplicação

Muito bom (1.1.0)
31-10-2011 15:56:00 5/5 By wally9
Incrivel ser gratis

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